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GuangDong Tri-Sun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 2004, is a passional, innovative and high-tech company in the smart home field. Our products include but not limited to touch switch, remote switch, dimmer switch, curtain switch, linkage switch, smart socket, almighty controller, etc. Owing to the capability of our industry chain and manufacturers, we can guarantee that our products are excellent in quality, long in stability, various in type and reasonable in price. And we provide OEM and ODM service.As a pioneer in the smart home group, our company is always trying our best to get to know what the homeowners want, offer the characteristic service to make the customers...View More

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  • 樹形
  • igrs
  • unite
  • itophome
  • 華南理工大學
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  • 合作伙伴
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  • 合作伙伴
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